Welcome in Belgium!

Dear Visitors, Dear Guests, 

Once again we are so proud to propose you this wonderful website, reflecting our passion and our proudness for our country and its knowledge.

Through the pages you will discover how our destination is unique and talented, we will present ourselves, our vibrant cities, our great magazine and some news about Les Clefs d’Or Belgium, part of the international society Les Clefs d’Or.

Brussels, capital of one of the smallest country in the world, spread its vibes through Europe since ages, thanks to our amazing creatives, artists, scientists and more…

Our humour, is more than just a joke, its a philosophy.

The gastronomy almost a religion, any where in Belgium, you will discover new flavors and unique specialties.

A country where everything is possible, where « be yourself » means something, where any one will feel free and at home…

Our clefs d’or concierges will be the perfect « keyman » to give you the best of what the country can over.

Our selected partners and providers will share our dedication and passion to ensure that back home, you will just want to come back.

In true friendship

Mariano Vancleve
Clefs d’Or Belgium – President

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